Thursday, August 5, 2010

what's in it for me?

why a blog?  why not?  It forces me to write (which is something I want to do) and to do so for an audience (even if I am the lone reader).  A place for me to record the random musings that I just can't keep in my own little head (cuz I won't remember them if I don't -- that's the way it is for us middle-aged women).  I've got a husband, three kids, a rescue puppy, a rescue cat, a rescue rabbit and a cockatiel and chinese dwarf hamster who we once thought had butt cancer, but it turned out that he was just extremely well-endowed.  Yup, you can imagine the new words that the kids learned in that visit to the vet, and how pleased I was to pay a mere $250 for the knowledge that no, that's not a tumor growing out of his ass, it's his balls.  Did I mention that a chinese dwarf hamster costs $18?  And has an average life span of three years? 

We moved on to the next animal debacle this morning -- brought puppy Skittles in to be spayed and to have her prolapsed third eyelid removed.  Who knew dogs had three eyelids?  Wouldn't be so much cooler if they had a third eye (that wasn't blind)?  Poor, sweet creature has no idea of what she's in for.  We can only hope for a swift recovery and some really good doggie drugs.

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